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  1. Sequencing the great white shark genome was no small task — the genome consisted of billion base pairs (the nitrogen-containing molecules that make up the "rungs" of the DNA ladder), which.
  2. Oct 13,  · They sometimes happen to. The event is very rare. Great whites attacks are a rare thing, and in addition to this, they generally only bite once and then they go There are various explanations for this behaviour. Some people think its because grea.
  3. Great white sharks, known scientifically as Carcharodon carcharias, can live 73 years or longer, reach lengths of 20 feet and weigh as much as 7, pounds, making them one of the world’s.
  4. Jan 23,  · A great white shark can reach 20 feet (6 meters) in length and weigh up to 5, pounds (2, kilograms); survivors' explanations of their escapes amplify misconceptions about the nature of .
  5. Jun 10,  · Australian researchers are hunting for what they call a "mystery sea monster" that devoured a 9-foot-long great white shark.
  6. Nov 30,  · A family of beachgoers witnessed a great white shark attacking a grey seal off the coast of Cape Cod. The seal initially escaped, but later died of its wounds.
  7. Great white sharks' most acute sense is smell. If there were just a single drop of blood floating in 10 billion drops of water, they could smell it! Their nostrils are on the underside of the snout and lead to an organ called the olfactory bulb. The great white’s olfactory bulb is .
  8. The Station nightclub fire occurred on Thursday, February 20, , in West Warwick, Rhode Island, United States, killing people including Great White guitarist Ty Longley and injuring The fire was caused by pyrotechnics set off by the tour manager of the evening's headlining band, Great White, which ignited flammable acoustic foam in the walls and ceilings surrounding the stage.

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